Early Years

GIS Rayong Early Years Class

Welcome to GIS Rayong Early Years class where the children begin their adventure into learning at our school. Children have a natural drive to learn and explore and our qualified and dedicated teachers create a safe and stimulating learning environment where the children take part in a broad range of play and inquiry based learning experiences.

Our Early Years Teacher is Ms Aren and she is supported by our Teaching Assistants Khun Angun and Khun Fon.

Cathie Walsh

Cathie Walsh

Head of Foundation

Ms Aren

Ms Aren

Early Years Teacher

We offer a curriculum using the British system as a framework and modified to suit the needs of our international intake. Students are placed in Early Years dependent on their date of birth.

The Foundation curriculum aims to:

  • Build on the children's experience of language at home and in the wider community by providing a range of opportunities to use their home languages so that their developing use of English and other language support one another.
  • Provide a range of opportunities for children to engage with speaking and listening activities in English in English with peers and adults.

Foundation Brochure

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Welcome to Early Years
The playground will be open for children from 7:30 am. Please do not leave your child until you see a staff member.
We have communication books for each child.I will write on this book if there is anything that I want to communicate. If you have any concern or want to write to me about something please do write in the book we check them every morning. We will be following the same timetable as the rest of the school.
Library day 
Starting in September children will get to take home a library book on Wednesdays. Please return the book on the following week so they can get a new one. You can take your child to the library anytime throughout the week and read together or borrow books.
Swimming day
Starting in September please pack your child’s swimming clothes, a large towel and a plastic bag to put wet items into. Please put your child’s name on everything.

P.E lesson is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays- On these days the children must wear P.E school uniform and sports shoes.

 Fruit party day
Please bring one piece of fruit cut and washed to share with the class.
Saying goodbye

Prepare your child by gently talking about school and explaining that they are now grown up enough to attend without their parents. They will have lots of time to play and learn and that you will return at the end of the session to collect them. When it is time to go, be sure to say goodbye. Never, go without saying goodbye as your child may lose trust and confidence. This is important. If you or your child is having difficulty separating and you are unsure or have any concerns please come speak with me or one of the teaching assistants.
When it is your child’s birthday we will have a little celebration. You may bring in a cake or something to eat with the class. We ask that you DO NOT bring in any toys or packages to give to the children. We have plates and cutlery so you do not need to prove them.
If your child is sick please do NOT bring them to school. It is best for them to stay home and rest and get better.
Mufti Day
Throughout the school year there will be MUFTI days, you will get notice in advance of this. On these days your child doesn’t need to wear their uniform.

You can collect your child at 12:00 pm in Term 1. In Term 2 and 3, anytime between 2.50 pm and 3.00 pm.