Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5 and 6.

At GIS in Years 5 and 6 we are inquirers and experimenters who work hard to ask thoughtful questions about the world around us and build new paths of knowledge. We are confident in using a variety of technology to present our findings and are building our independence as lifelong learners. We have a strong team of teachers who are committed to ensuring that all of our students are prepared for Secondary, academically as well as emotionally. Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and take on leadership roles where available, such as leading clubs and becoming House Captains. We begin to venture further from home on our residential trips, with Year 5 participating in a three-day adventure on a refurbished rice barge on the Chao Phraya River and Year 6 experiencing an exciting residential trip of adventurous and challenging activities such as abseiling and more cultural exploration activities like Thai cooking. Years 5 and 6 challenge students to realise their potential in a safe but challenging academic environment.

Andrew Reade

Mr Andrew Reade

Head of Year 5 and 6

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