"The comments from CIS confirm what a wonderful school GIS is. Being accredited by CIS is important as it demonstrates to everyone the school's commitment to high quality international education."

 Ms. Jackie Houghton Principal

GIS is the only school on Thailand's eastern seaboard to have full accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS).
GIS first gained full accreditation in 2013. Follow-up visits are made every few years to ensure high standards are maintained. During the most recent visit, CIS praised the school for its achievements, including the 'excellent use of the school Core Values as a guide for decision-making and programme development' and the 'positive and supportive school climate'.
Inspectors also liked GIS's 'quality and creatively managed' professional development that is offered to teaching staff, and they highlighted the school's 'enthusiastic and capable student body'.
The report added: "GIS is heartily commended for its commitment to the accreditation process. The seriousness with which it has worked to meet the recommendations of the Visiting Team is testimony to its efforts to improve and to the professionalism of its faculty and staff."
Another strength, according to CIS, is 'a well operated and safe boarding programme that meets students social and emotional needs.'
CIS helps shape international education through professional services to hundreds of schools around the world.