Dear Parents, Caregivers, Friends and Family,
I hope that everyone in our community is well and has enjoyed the first week of the Songkran holiday. You will all be aware that there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases across the Kingdom in the last week, likely to lead to new restrictions being put in place in some provinces. Here at Garden, we have had no confirmed cases or close contact cases. I do ask that all families continue to note down or ‘check in’ to places they visit during this holiday period.

I hope you enjoy seeing the events, activities and amazing learning opportunities that occurred in school during the last couple of weeks of the term. Our school is a wonderfully vibrant, busy and innovative school and there is so much happening every day for us to be proud of.

Primary Production - The Jungle Book
The Key Stage 2 performance of The Jungle Book was a huge success! With all children from Year 3 through 6 involved, the audience was treated to a fun and lively show full of singing, dancing and acting. Congratulations to all the students and staff who worked hard to bring us another memorable Primary musical.

IGCSE & IB - Art Exhibition and Senior Music Recital
Thursday, 18 March, GIS held its annual Art Exhibition and Senior Music Recital for IGCSE and IB exam students. It was an engaging evening with some amazing artwork on display as well as performances from our very talented musicians. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work.

Foundation to Year 2 - Sports Day
Thursday 18th March saw our first sporting spectacle of 2021: Reception to Year 2 Sports Day! Students competed in over 20 different activities in order to find out who would take the coveted trophy! The Eagles and the Geckos were neck to neck the entire morning, but after some excellent performances Eagles pipped the Geckos to the post. Thank you to all who came to watch and support, it was a great day had by all.

Beach Studies - Year 8
Year 8 Geographers out in the community applying their knowledge about coasts in the classroom to coasts in the real world. Students measured longshore drift, measured beach profiles and developed communication skills by discussing with locals how our coast had changed over time. What better way to finish the trip than show some social responsibility and clean up the beach.

Poetry - Year 3 & Year 7
Year 3 and Year 7 joined forces last week for some collaborative performance poetry. They were given a time challenge to rewrite, plan and perform the poem "Don't" by Michael Rosen. A fun project with some super performances! In their English lessons, Year 7 students have spent the last few weeks learning about and composing their own performance poems. This week, they have been helping the Year 3s to write poems of their own. It was wonderful to see how helpful and patient the Year 7s were, and the delightfully inventive ideas that the Year 3s came up with.

Horse Riding Stables - Year 2 Outdoor Learning
Last week the Year 2 students had a fantastic trip to Chomview Horse Riding Stables. The children fed the cows, collected eggs, planted corn, went on a tractor ride and learned about stable management and horse care. They all loved the pony ride and were also excited to meet Ms Lucy's horses in real life. Thank you to Chomview Horse Riding Club for a fantastic day out.

Year 3 to Year 6 - Sports Day
Friday 19th of March saw Year 3 to Year 6 take on another 40 events in the glorious sunshine. The day saw plenty of records being broken with some truly outstanding performances. Points were closely tied the entire day with the tug of war being the deciding factor: The Geckos and Eagles were again head to head and were only separated by 40 points; The Eagles emerged victorious and were crowned champions for 2021!

Physics - IB1
The internal assessment in IB Physics is an important piece of coursework, worth 20% of the final grade. To be well prepared IB 1 students conducted a practice experiment to find the relationship between the period of vibrations of a wooden ruler and the length it is extended from a table.

Education Perfect Global Learning Festival 2021
Congratulations to all KS3 students who participated in the Global Learning Festival. We came 2nd in Thailand and 28th overall. 135 International schools from around the world took part in the competition.

Writing Success - Exploring Diversity in Writing
Many congratulations to Laaiqah one of our Secondary students, who has been selected as a finalist in this year's Neilson Hays Young Writers' Competition She approached the given topic of Diversity: difference in a very creative way, showing both imagination and empathy. Responding to real life events involving refugees and migrants, Laaiqah used her words to provide a voice, in her story, to those who are often silenced or marginalised.

ELS - Every Student Improved!
After our recent end of term second language examinations all our students from the cohort actually improved and/or passed with flying colours! What an amazing achievement after so much homework, so much reading, so much practice and so many fun times in and out of the classroom. It was all worthwhile with the students learning so much not only about the English language but about life in general. Well done again.

Physics - Year 10
Students have measured the time it takes to cause a given temperature change in a solid metal block. From their collected data, they calculated the specific heat capacity of the metal. During the experiment, they practice their skills in setting up a complex circuit as well as collecting reliable and efficient data.

Earthquake Drill - Learning In Action
Year 9 fled under the tables as the earthquake alarm sounded! Thankfully they moved fast and everyone was safe within 10 seconds - they then returned to learning about the Mercalli scale which measures the intensity of earthquakes.

Dates For Your Diary
Monday 19th April - Term 3 Starts
Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th May - School Closed - Public Holiday
Wednesday 26th May - School Closed - Public Holiday
Thursday 3rd June - School Closed - Public Holiday

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and Sawadii Pi Mai!

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