More than just sport

Students and Staff are allocated to a House on admission. As well as traditional sports such as swimming, football and athletics, houses compete against each other in a range of events. These include; talent shows, spelling bees, quidditch, obstacle courses, general knowledge and movie trivia quizzes.

Event selection has input from the House representatives, who are elected by the students and House Captains, who are chosen by House Leaders (teaching staff). The range of events is chosen to encourage maximum participation across the year and to allow all students to compete in an event that meets their strengths.

Promoting Healthy Competition

By providing a range of activities, students have the chance to try new experiences, work as a team, act as leaders, build resilience, and learn to respect one another.

At the end of the school year, there is a winner’s afternoon to celebrate the achievements of the winning House.


The Houses at GIS are named after species native to Thailand:

CobraEagle, Gecko and Tiger.