"GIN Club is about creating a community within the school that not only promotes awareness about real-world issues but also finds ways to make the changes required to making a difference." - Orla Kriel, IB Student and GIS Global Action Director.

Student-Led Change

The Global Issues Network (GIN) was founded in 2003 and has since then become a way for people all over the world to share their successes in dealing with world issues and making the world a more sustainable place. This also links in with the Sustainable Development Globals created by the UN in late 2015 that aims to solve 17 of the world’s major issues by 2030.

At GIS, we have our own GIN Club that aims to take the key features that make up the Global Issues Network and incorporate them into events in the community and at the same time, we aim to slowly adapt the behaviour of students and teachers at GIS to encourage sustainable living and awareness about issues in not just the community but the wider world too.

The students at GIS lead several projects going on behind the scenes such as composting, measuring food wastage, changes to the availability of plastic in school and responding to international emergencies by raising and collecting aid. With these small changes comes a change in habits which we hope will mean a more sustainable and eco-friendly GIS.