Week 30 – Monday 15th to Friday 19th March

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Friends and Family,

I hope you have had a great weekend. We are looking forward to another brilliant and busy week here in school. The newsletter this week is a great example of what an active and innovation learning environment we have here at Garden.

Attached to this email is the calendar for the next academic year as a PDF document. This will also be uploaded to our school website this week.

Primary Production – The Jungle Book
Our Primary students will be presenting their version of the Jungle Book on Thursday 1st of April. Tickets are free but due to Covid-19 regulations are limited in number. Early-bird pre-ordering will end this coming Tuesday, after this all remaining tickets will be available from the Front Office. Come along and enjoy a wonderful evening as we are transported back to the jungle

Year 2 – Native American Project
This week saw the end of the Year 2’s project. To finish the project the students were involved in many ‘real-life’ activities whereby they were putting what they learnt in the classroom into practice. They hunted for food, set up camp, shot bow and arrows and sang traditional songs.

Nursery – Creative Learning
Nursery have had fun a week of drama and theatre performances, we explored aspects of theatre, costume and characters play like Humpty Dumpty, Little Red Riding Hood etc. We are inquisitive and eager number learners and enjoyed working through simple story number problems this week adding apples and cupcakes to Little Red Riding Hood’s basket for grandma. We were creative and drew scary wolves.

Year 10 – Science
Year 10 played the circulation game to revise key concepts of circulation and respiration. They collected glucose and oxygen during the game and exchanged it for ATP

GIS Connectors
The all new GIS connectors have been chosen and are excited about their training sessions. They will be the student voice and face of wellbeing. Prompting and delivering activities that will help students feel more connected to school, connected to each other and connected to staff.

Year 9 – Geography
Year 9 geographers have been learning dance moves to help them remember four different types of plate boundaries. The moving plates of the earth seemed a perfect excuse to get the year 9s moving too!

ESL – Examination Appreciation!
All our second language learners are continuing to appreciate what is involved during their examination practice. Whether it is changing sentences to mean the same thing or writing stories, it has been an in-depth period of time for them. Next week will be an interesting one, while they stretch their minds carrying out their listening, reading and writing papers. Good luck to all of them on their journey to being bilingual!

Year 6 – Science
In Year 6 students were learning about chemical and physical changes by conducting simple investigations and identifying the key features of each change.

Primary Clubs – Baking Club
Lots of fun and learning has been taking place over the last few weeks in the Primary Baking Club. From rocky road and sweet shortbread biscuits to savoury pies and pizzas; the children are beginning to learn some new, basic life skills whilst also building confidence and independence. We only have three basic rules in the Baking Club; Be safe, have fun and try one bite!

Maths – Thinking about Pi
Students have been learning about all things Pi this week in Maths to celebrate Pi Day on 14th March (3.14). In Year 7 students took part in an investigation to explore the relationship between circles and pi. They used string and different sized circles to look at the link between the circumference and the diameter. This helped them to discover pi on their own and understand why it’s equal to 3.14.

Primary Global Action Club
This week the PGAC started planting seeds as they had received enough donations to purchase them. They have also got some soil and small pots and are on the look out for more.

Year 9 – Science
Year 9 students studied displacement reactions this week. Metals that are higher in the reactivity series “steal” the non metal from other metal compounds that are lower in the series, leaving this metal on its own, which can be observed as a colour change in the reaction.

IB1 – Spanish
Spanish Ab initio students practiced their oral speaking exam by describing a picture in Spanish and answering follow up questions about the picture. To describe the picture they had to describe the Spanish culture for example places, food and drinks. They need to use Spanish grammar and research to present.

Dates For Your Diary
Friday 2nd April – End of Term 2 @ 12.00
Monday 5th to Friday 16th April – Songkran Holiday
Monday 19th April – Start of Term 3
I wish you all a peaceful weekend,



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