Our Vision

We empower our diverse and inclusive community to take responsibility for creating a sustainable and peaceful world.

Our Mission

GIS is a caring and vibrant international community of happy and passionate lifelong learners. We strive for excellence through our core values; overcoming challenges, nurturing our own and each other’s potential and celebrating success.

Our Core Values

At GIS we believe that school life is about much more than just academic success, becoming a well-rounded individual is important too. Our values are the underlying principles and beliefs that guide our actions and form the basis of our rewards system at GIS.

1. Digital Citizenship

Using digital technology appropriately and responsibly in a way that respects the rights and feelings of yourself and others.

2. Global citizenship

At GIS we embrace our internationalism by respecting and celebrating each other's culture whilst seeing ourselves as part of the world community. We are committed to contributing to global development by acting responsibly, promoting values and ethos which encourage a lifestyle that supports sustainable global development.

3. Intercultural learning

We aim to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that allow all members of our community to live and learn successfully together whilst at GIS and in the world beyond.

Intercultural fluency:

  • facilitates appreciation and respect for our own and others’ cultural perspectives, practices and beliefs,
  • encourages us to challenge stereotypes, bigotry and ignorance, and
  • equips us to enquire appropriately as we seek to better understand the world around us.

4. Mental health and well-being

Mental health and emotional wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility. By educating students, staff and parents about the issues surrounding mental health, we promote awareness and understanding, so that students will develop the skills and attitudes to cope with challenges at school and beyond.  

5. High quality learning

High-Quality Learning takes place in a caring, inclusive environment where students have high expectations of their learning and understand how to succeed. Well-planned learning opportunities inspire students to engage, collaborate and reflect on meaningful feedback. Students develop their critical and creative thinking skills, challenging themselves to become independent lifelong learners.




We take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

Investigator copy


We are curious and show independence in learning

Knowledgeable copy


We explore concepts, ideas, and issues.

Thinker copy


We use initiative in applying thinking skills to make reasoned decisions.


Balanced copy


We understand the importance of personal well-being.

Caring copy


We show empathy, kindness, compassion, and respect.



We keep trying and don't get disheartened.

Risk Taker copy


We approach uncertainty with courage.

Global Citizenship

Communicator copy


We understand and use various ways to communicate.

Open Minded copy


We are open to perspectives,
values and traditions

Principled copy


We act with integrity and honesty.

Reflective copy


We give thoughtful consideration to our own learning.